How To Get Real Instagram Followers

r5ty7ujytyrhtTechnology has succeeded in revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. Most beneficiaries are communication and marketing industries. One aspect that is rapidly gaining popularity is the use of Instagram for marketing products and services. Instagram provides an avenue where one can have many followers hence make it easy for one to use this platform to do marketing.

Ways of how to get real Instagram followers

Ensure your account is public

With Instagram, one can choose to make public or private their account. For one to get real Instagram followers, their account has to be in public mode. If one’s account is private only the people who follow you can view your pictures. This will make your profile dull. One can check the settings of their Instagram and ensure they make it public so that everyone can access them whether they follow them or not.

Joining a micro-community

There are many micro-communities which one can follow. They do various challenges and also offer forums for open discussions. Being an active member of a micro-community will expose you to being followed as well because every member of the community will most likely follow you.

Follow many users

This is one of the quickest ways of getting more followers. This is because some will return the favor by also following you. One should go for the popular users and those who follow many people than those who follow them. However, there may not be so many interactions from these followers.


This will allow you to search for anything related to that hashtag. By using the popular hashtags, one will see even your photos which have been linked to the hashtag. This will make them follow you if your photos are good.

Geo tags

t54y676uyutyj6rThis involves the location of the one posting the photo. One can use this, and the other users in your location or those who may be looking for photos for that location will end up seeing you. This has been made possible by Instagram because every location that is defined has its page. Photos that are taken in that particular location will be accessible on that page. Those who will search for photos in that location will see both theirs and yours. Getting the location is important to increase chances of your photo being seen.

Make use of the peak times

Ones should use the peak times to post their photos for maximum viewing, likes and eventually, people will follow them. The most popular times during the day when there is traffic on Instagram is in the morning and evening after work when most people are free and are looking for an opportunity to relax.

Buying followers

This may seem weird, but it is true one can buy followers. There are various companies which sell Instagram followers. After making the payment which is usually done monthly or weekly as one may choose, one gets access to several followers depending on the package they have bought. More to that some sites offer better deals where one gets permanent followers such that even if they withdraw their subscription, they still retain their followers.